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Who we are

'Progress is a nice word; but change is its motivator’ - John F Kennedy.

Inspired by these lines and to change the way people eat. Cosmic food came into existence to serve with pure food. The company serves the global & domestic market with its premium quality products majorly Pulses, Oils, Flours, Basmati rice, Spices & Honey. We find ourselves well equipped to meet the growing global demand of Organic food.

What we do

We believe in 'Planetary wellbeing' a thought behind our being in the business of 'serving nature for our better future', as we strongly believe in 'Purity of soul from purity of food'. We are proud to serve it through our own very special brand “Turn Organic” in India. Our wide range of Organic Groceries are available in Indian market. We can supply these products in bulk and private labeling both, incase you are a modern retail business we will be happy to make your store Turn Organic franchisee.

Cosmic Foods serves world-class authentic organic food, certified by international agencies to meet all standards to claim that food is safe and totally natural. Organic food is dedicated to helping people be healthier and live life with more vitality and greater sense of well-being. Organic food is the best choice a consumer can make. And we help them do it.

Organic commodities are grown in different regions of India namely
North West India: Rajasthan,
Central India : MP, Uttarakhand
South and Northeast India

by certified Organic Individual farmers. All food products are certified and meet the international standards like EU, USDA ( NOP) also India Organic NPOP.

In our unit Organic Commodities goes through
- Cleaning,
- Organic fumigation
- Packaging in HDPE bags
in hygienic conditions.

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Organic Cereals
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Organic Oils & edibles
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Organic Flour
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